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[DOC] Generating Thumbnails From Sentinel-3 300m GSD Satellite Imagery

Sentinel-3 open data provides an interesting option for ML dataset generation Right after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, I felt restless being stuck in Korea with my hands completely cuffed. To get a little peace of mind and feel like I am contributing somehow, I took a class in remote sensing at Seoul National which led me to write this journal paper [ HERE ]. The thing is, if you have ever worked on imagery data either from USGS or ESA, you will know that products are 1) very large, that 2) you will need a proper software to open those products (not free) and that it takes an excruciatingly long time to get one image processed. For instance, a data product with all the bands can be up to and not limited to 1.5 GB, which then needs to be opened through a software like ESRI, create a ROI (Region of Interest) and then do the actual processing. That's for ONE image.  Enter google's Earth Engine [ HERE ], which disrupts the process pretty spectacularly. With a few lin

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