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The Way Forward for CanSat Education in Nepal

If, and that's a BIG if, Nepal is ever going to build it's own satellite in Nepal, there's two baseline things that need to be sorted out. Funding for getting the project going and most importantly, dedicated, diligent, capable and growth-oriented workforce. Both of them are extremely difficult to obtain as experience has shown, time and again. 
However, if we are somehow able to leverage CanSats [CanSats? HERE] and take a long aim at  the annual ARLISS [HERE] competition, things could seriously brew in our favor. Going to US (the competition takes place in Black Rock Desert), especially if you are a Nepali is difficult enough, sending a team might seem fanciful but that's a far more achievable aim than building a satellite from scratch. 

So where do we even begin? The easiest way I see is to backtrack our way from the point that we actually take part in the competition. Let's assume that we actually did get the elusive visa and we did magically transport the stud…

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