3-Day UNISEC HeptaSat Training at Kathmandu University

HeptaSat developed by Dr. Yamazi of  Nihon University is being used as satellite training tool.
Photo Credits [HERE].

A 3-day training HeptaSat training session (Cansat Leadership Training Program  [HERE]) has been going on at Kathmandu University as we speak. A team from UNISEC [HERE], Japan  (Nihon University) which includes Dr. Yamazi along with Mr. Kai Yoshihara, Mr. Kohei Yoshimitsu and Mr. Takafumi Umezawa are currently in the university conducting the training. While most of the participants are from Kathmandu University, students from Institute of Engineering and faculty of Brihaspati Vidhyasadhan are also involved.

The program has been spearheaded by Kathmandu University with involvement from Dr. Anup Jung Thapa, UNISEC regional director, Prof. Ramesh Kumar Maskey, Associate Dean of Engineering and KURobotics. The program is scheduled to end on 17th November, 2017.

Photos From DAY-1

Dr. Thapa, UNISEC regional director welcomes the participants
Photo Credit: Mayank Dhakal 

Dr. Yamazi takes over the training
Photo Credits: Mayank Dhakal

HeptaSat training tool
Photo Credits: Mayank Dhakal