CanSat Leadership Training Program-9 Application Now Open

CanSat Leadership Training Program 7 in Hokkaido
[Credits: CLTP]

CanSats are basically these toy satellites you build under a constraint of a coca cola can, launch them a few hundred meters and communicate wireless through the ground station. While this whole process sounds simple, a lot is going on to actually achieve that. 

First stop, you need knowledge in programming, embedded systems design, some handy soldering work and skill to put them all together, find a launch mechanism and get this; make it work. As one my Prof. painfully reminded me in my final presentation during my undergraduate years; it's useless if it does not work. Period. 

UNISEC's CanSat Leadership Training Program (CLTP) which trained me to become an official CanSat Trainer pushed me to launch the first CanSat Training in Nepal based on the PhuccheSat [HERE] in 2016 held at Kathmandu University and two subsequent SastoSat training for High School at Brihaspati School [HERE] and Pulchowk Engineering Campus [HERE] for high schoolers and university students respectively in 2017. 

Like every year, The CLTP is going to be organized in 2018 as well. The program is especially targeted to educators who are employed by educational institutions, agencies whether they are government based or private. I have a few people in mind in Nepal who could greatly benefit in going to programs like these. 

Please find the details [HERE] at the official website. The deadline for the application is March 30, 2018. Scholarships are available on a need basis. I received a scholarship as well, so anyone who applies from Nepal has a good chance. 

If you have questions on the application process and what it likes to go there and participate, do write to me at