[Media Watch] BIRDS-3 Satellite Project for Nepal Misinformation

Actually, nope.

We have been, so far, very careful about how we release information to the media. Especially at an age where viral internet media has been a core part of everyday life, there's a big chance that these sources are posting news about BIRDS-3 Satellite Project without proper homework. That's where the Media Watch segment on this website will focus on. 

Routine of Nepal banda's page [HERE] has just recently posted a fb post where it's written that 

To translate properly:
Nepal is going to invest a couple of billions to make their own satellite. To study that, the government has already invested Rs. 1.4 crore for hardware. 
The only thing that this gets remotely correct is the Rs 1.4 crore for hardware (and launch) part. It's not a study, it's an actual satellite that's going to be launched at 400km Low Earth Orbit. The government through NAST is on the process of paying the money, however, due to tax imposed by the very same government on it's own money [HERE], will be just over Rs. 1.1 crore. The rest will have to be sorted again through the usual bureaucratic process. 

There's actually no point in investing Arabau at the moment. Roads need Arabau. Education needs Arabau. Basic, basic infrastructure needs Arabau. 

Satellites can wait. A bit.