[BREAKING] Seoul National University's First Satellite Sends Beacon from Space

SNUSAT-1b, one of the two satellites launched, is alive.

Yep. It actually worked. Crazy.

SNUSAT-1 and SNUSAT-1b were two 2U satellites in CubeSat format that was launched last year [HERE] as part of the EU QB50 project. The two satellites were the first satellites of Seoul National University built by the CubeSat Research Center under the Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion Laboratory. 

The team had been unable to receive anything until, that is, now. SNUSAT-1b, the Engineering Model which was later qualified for Flight Model, beacon signal has been downlinked by Vlad Chorney [HERE], giving hope that the other could be alive too. 

It's a big big win. This shows that the core system is functional and the components used on those sub-systems work in space. Given how much human resource and time the project had, it's absolutely amazing that it's working. 

No joke.

All the documentations on SNUSAT-1 can be found [HERE] on www.madeinepal.com

Twin CubeSats: SNUSAT-1 and SNUSAT-1b during thermal vacuum testing in 2016 

Congratulations to the SNUSAT team, especially the author's previous lab chief, Ji-Hyun Park for working crazy long hours and making this happen. I owe you a drink or two when I am back in Korea. 


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