[INTERVIEW] BIRDS-3 Satellite Program on Nepal Television

NepaliSat-1 is one of three satellites in BIRDS-3 Project.

There's been much media interest in BIRDS-3 project for Nepal and rightly so; the project is building Nepal's first satellite. The tricky part though, is getting right information out to the right audience. There's already viral media pages like these [HERE] that skew information through unverified and second hand reporting, and that could mislead the general public into thinking very differently from what's really happening in reality. It is therefore, my responsibility as the project lead to explain what the project is about, the philosophy behind it and why Nepal's participation makes sense. After all, the project is being funded by tax money and people deserve to know better. 

For that, in March, I did an interview for Nepal Academy of Science and Technology's TV program "Bigyan Prabidhi" which was aired on Nepal Television on April 14, 2018. The full interview can be viewed below without having to leave the page.