IOE Launching Aerospace Engineering Program for the First Time in Nepal

The top engineering institution in the country is launching aerospace program. 

2018 is starting to become a breakthrough year for the field of Aerospace in Nepal. With the government funding Nepal's first satellite as part of the BIRDS-3 Satellite Project, Institute of Engineering (IOE), which is under the government owned Tribhuvan University, has now announced applications for it's undergraduate program for Aerospace Engineering. 

While Facebook isn't the ideal place to receive information, it's worth noting where the source of information is coming from. Sudip Bhattarai, formerly an Assistant Professor for Aerospace Engineering at IOE and now working on his PhD down in Australia, posted this on his wall today:

Following the link on the IOE's official web page, Aerospace Engineering has been enlisted:

From what the author has observed so far, the major is skewed towards Aeronautical Engineering rather than purely Aerospace, however, the interesting word choice does allow room for space systems engineering courses to be integrated in the future. The question now arises how private and government sectors plan on hiring graduates in four years time. 

Time will tell.